I am so happy we had Rian DJ our wedding! Like many other couples he has worked with, we were both initially drawn to his musical stylings as demonstrated in his cocktail hour mix. My first conversation with him was easy and free-flowing. His warmth and genuine passion for music made it feel like I was talking more with a friend than someone who I was just meeting for the first time. I also really appreciated how he made a conscious and thoughtful effort to understand our musical tastes. Leading up to the wedding, my husband and I decided to take dance lessons, so we were both looking forward to dancing all night long. Rian did a great job of keeping the energy up while playing an awesome mix of contemporary songs, classics, and rare finds that kept everyone moving. I had so many people come up to me at the wedding (and even days after) who wanted to tell me how much they loved the music at the wedding! As someone who loves music, I highly recommend you reach out to Rian and book him for your wedding too!

Brittany and James (2017)

One of the best vendor decisions we made for our wedding, hands down. I am very particular about music and have a wide and some would consider, eclectic music taste. The LAST thing I wanted was some corny, canned wedding dj that played the songs at every wedding that no one really wants to hear. Rian understood my tastes and delivered. Having great music was extremely important for my husband and I, as this is essential to us for keeping the celebration alive. Most people remember when the DJ is a bust and it's hard to bring the energy back after that point. This was not the case for Rian. Rian knew what would keep people dancing, but also was able to bring in the guests across all generations to the floor. What I respect about Rian is that he doesn't just plug in an ipod, he is a legitimate, professional, DJ. Rian mixed, looped and beat matched; something that you wouldn't necessarily get from a wedding DJ booked through an agency. If you want a great party, with memorable music, something that you and your guests will remember and reminiscence about, BOOK RIAN. You will not be disappointed. Rian has great style, is not obtrusive and truly understands the crowd. He is professional with a wide catalog of music. I highly recommend Rian!

Alanna and Alex (2017)

We can’t speak highly enough of Rian. The last thing we wanted was a cookie-cutter DJ for our small and intimate wedding and Rian was able to deliver.

We fell in love with his Vintage Cocktail Hour Mix and hired him to DJ and emcee our wedding at the Corson Building in Seattle. I was slightly concerned about the unusual set-up of our venue (dance floor on one side of the building and dining area/bar on the other) but Rian visited the site with us beforehand to coordinate with the General Manager about how best to set up for the event.

Rian was able to accommodate our drastically different tastes in music without making the playlist seem schizophrenic. We provided him with an abbreviated list of “must plays” and we were immensely pleased with how he filled in the blanks. In addition to this, he was able to integrate traditional Greek dance tracks into the evening – the inclusion of a Greek language version of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” was a nice and humorous touch.

We knew things were going great when one of our guests gushed early on that this was the best dance music she had ever heard a DJ play at a wedding. This proved to be a popular refrain, as many of our friends and family complemented us on our excellent choice of DJ. With a healthy mix of Motown, pop and contemporary hits, Rian was able to please all of our guests.

What impressed us the most was the fact that the dance floor was never empty, which is remarkable given the fact that we had a relatively small wedding. We’re so glad that we chose Rian as our DJ.

-Tonya and John (2016)

We could not be more satisfied with Rian! I honestly cant remember how we came across his path but all I remember is visiting his website and listing to his mix tapes...DYNAMITE! His music lined up perfectly with how we wanted our evening to go. A little bit of Spanish guitar, some jazz, old school hip hop, a dash of cumbia and bachata! He was super polite, friendly with guest, was not one of those DJs who takes over the mic, and read the room all night! He made things real simple for us which is very much appreciated!

-Kara and Daniel (2016)


Rian was an awesome DJ. We were so pleased with the level of service he provided.

My dad actually picked him out as possibility, and sent me his website to check out. I listened to his "sample wedding mix" and by the third track (my favorite Rilo Kiley song), I knew we had found our DJ. He was totally stoked on the vibe we wanted for our event (70's jam rock meets 00's indie rock), and was able to accommodate everything on our Must Play list, including my husband's request of, "Can you just put some Bob Marley on there?"

He was very friendly, professional, and read the room so perfectly. We had to move where he was going to be set up at the last minute, because the weather changed drastically and we had to tent everything, and he was totally flexible. During one particularly epic downpour he managed to perfectly time playing Prince's "Purple Rain," which I will never forget. It made getting my wedding dress soaked memorable, instead of frustrating.

I would highly recommend his services.

Taylor & Sam (2016)


Photo by JayLee Photography

Photo by JayLee Photography

It feels like an understatement to say Rian went above and beyond as our wedding DJ. For weeks before the wedding, he worked with me and my husband to develop our perfect playlist, taking into account not only our own musical preferences, but also those of our entire guest list. It was not one of those weddings where, right after the speeches, it turned into hardcore booty-shaking tunes that alienated half of the wedding. Don't get me wrong - plenty of booty-shaking took place that night, but it was cross-generational booty-shaking that the whole party could enjoy! People seriously cut a rug until the wee hours of the morning, and we have Rian to thank for that!

Not only did Rian nail the DJ portion of the night, he also did an absolutely incredible job as our MC for the evening. He was thoughtful in his words, professional in his appearance and performance, and absolutely DESTROYED his rendition of Joe Cocker's "Have a Little Help from My Friends." He seriously brought the house down!

Bottom line: I would 100% recommend Rian again for anyone getting married, or even just wanting to throw an awesome party. He is the best DJ around, hands down!

Kim West and Ryan Devlin (2014)

We hired Rian after he DJed a mutual friend's wedding where I danced so hard I threw up. We knew he was the one. Rian has an amazing taste in music and a keen sense of occasion but was also really receptive to our input and requests. He DJed our outdoor/indoor celebration for something like 10 hours and moved his set up three times like it was no big deal. He also acted as emcee to help corral guests around the property. One thing I appreciate so much about Rian is that nothing about him says "hired DJ". He's a really genuine person and well dressed dude--he integrates naturally into the vibe of your wedding and adds to the landscape of your celebration. He played my favorite Kate Bush song at the perfect time (it was an epic 3 1/2 minutes) and even though we asked him to stay away from the classic party jams, as the dancing went on and our friends made requests, Rian read the room and gave the people what they wanted. We love Rian and recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ who gets it.

-Carlee and Cary McManus Davis (2015)

After Rian DJ'ed our wedding in 2015, we cannot recommend him highly enough! He was super professional when going through songs and playlists, totally open to customizing you something amazing based on some songs you love or setting up a playlist of all of your favorites. He was right on time to set up for our wedding and was happy to do some little 'master of ceremonies' to get people to move where they were supposed to. If you want something really special, ask him to sing a song or two, you'll be blown away. Book him for your next big event and rest easy knowing all your musical needs are in good hands!

-Laura and Nolan (2015)

David and Michelle    

David and Michelle 


When I asked Rian Souleles if he would DJ my wedding, I was confident that he would do a great job. However, he exceeded all of my expectations and delivered in ways that I wouldn't have been able to ask for. The process began with my wife, Michelle, and I giving Rian a list of 30 songs that were important to us a month prior to the wedding. He assured us that incorporating these songs into the reception wouldn't be a problem. On the wedding day, we arrived at the reception hall and Rian was doing a great job of keeping the guests entertained with pre-dinner music like Ella Fitzgerald, "In The Mood", and some surprises like Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". He was great at moving things along and making seamless transitions from the toasts to the cutting-of-the-cake, etc. He had the perfect amount of low-key humor and charm. Anyone who has tried DJing weddings and events before knows this is not an easy feat. Then came the dancing part of the reception. He did a wonderful job of knowing when to keep things upbeat and stomping, and when to slow it down, and he created a perfect blend of well-known songs such as Outkast's "Hey Ya", Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T" and some lesser-known greats like Junior Senior and Luscious Jackson. He was sure to throw in some 70s classics for my parents, such as Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" and "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers. Members of the wedding party were big Beck fans, so I also remember a fair amount of "Midnite Vultures" as well. And being a huge 80s fan, I asked him for some Cyndi Lauper and Talking Heads, and he incorporated it perfectly into his set. At the end of the reception, Rian surprised Michelle and I with his own rendition of Joe Cocker's "With A Little Help From My Friends", and it was epic. We couldn't have asked for a better ending to our wedding. I've since seen Rian DJ several other events, and I can honestly say that I've never seen a better wedding and event DJ.

David and Michelle (2010)

Photo by Shahrzad Arfae

Photo by Shahrzad Arfae

Rian is a true music lover’s DJ. If you are particular about music—like I am—you’ll appreciate the care and creativity he puts into his work.

We’ve been to several weddings where Rian was the DJ and not one wedding was like the other. Because he brings something special and magical every time that really connects the audience; he doesn’t phone it in.

We wanted the dance party to be a big and memorable part of our wedding—and Rian exceeded all expectations. In fact, we have Rian to thank for tons of amazing photos of everyone dancing until late at the reception.

I’m a little bit obsessive and prepared 14 hours worth of music for our wedding. Rian made sure that all our most important selections were played—at just the right time. And he still managed to delight us with surprises. He even found a karaoke lounge version of our wedding theme and serenaded us on the dance floor!

Rian invests a lot of time into getting the music dialed in beforehand. In the moment, he really understands the timeline and movement of weddings, and knows how to give the people what they want.

Rian was also the emcee and sound person of our wedding, making announcements, managing the toasts and engineering our ceremony. When you’re getting married you’re on cloud nine, so we were grateful that Rian was plugged in with everyone else managing aspects of the wedding and knew just when to make transitions.

Thank you, Rian, for taking care of us and bringing your magic to make our special day more amazing than we ever imagined.

Ian & Nicole (2015)

Rian did a phenomenal job as the DJ and emcee for our wedding! Planning a wedding can be so stressful and it was such a relief to find a DJ with such a vast knowledge and collection of awesome, fun, dancey, soulful music. I was not stressed about the music for a minute! He was easy to work with, asking for my list of "must have" songs and being very communicative and organized. Not only does he have great taste in music, he is a charming, funny and energetic emcee as well. He also managed to keep the event moving at a great pace, with the toasts and the different events (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc), while also totally going with the flow when things got inevitably off schedule. One of the reasons a wedding that doesn't get off the ground is because the music just isn't right, but you won't have that problem with Rian. He is nothing short of class, fun and style.

The manager of our reception site who was also our day-of coordinator could not say enough great things about working with him as well; mostly attesting to his professionalism, knowledge and flexibility. So many of our guests (of all ages) commented on the high quality of the music and the fun they had dancing, and still do years later! Truly, the music and dancing was one of the best things about our wedding. One of my good friends actually requested to use his playlist for her wedding after having such a good time at our wedding. Rian is amazing and I know you will be nothing short of satisfied with his impeccable work!

Eva and Justin Des Lauriers (2010)