Photo by brimcdanielphotography

Photo by brimcdanielphotography

We knew things were going great when one of our guests gushed early on that this was the best dance music she had ever heard a DJ play at a wedding. What impressed us the most was the fact that the dance floor was never empty, which is remarkable given the fact that we had a relatively small wedding.
— Tanya

 Below is my live mix of a soulful cocktail hour with a vintage vibe. It's just one of the multitude of musical modes I can inhabit during a wedding. Before I go into specifics, I wanted the music to speak for itself. Click Play.


I provide a boutique wedding DJ experience with vintage stylings, playing the best music of all time that spans genres and eras, from the familiar to the groove-tinged offbeat. With years of experience as a DJ and emcee, I've learned to read a room, set a vibe, and keep the dance floor alive, making sure the music is in tune with a union of our tastes and in the key of your life. I'll take care of everything from professional light and sound for the ceremony and reception, to working with the other vendors on the timeline, so you can focus on your wedding, dancing, and enjoying the best party of your life!

Your "Must play" Lists

I'll consult with you and your partner to create and edit a “Must Play," and if necessary, a drunk-relative proof “Not Play” list; implementing the unique musical aesthetic of each couple and their party. I love to play almost everything, but my speciality, and my favorite thing about weddings, is being able to play party music that appeals to wide span of generations—everything from Glenn Miller to Stevie Wonder to Hot Chip, avoiding some of the wedding music clichés--although I will be happy to play them if you request them. I’ll play “The Electric Slide” for you if you want it, but “The Chicken Dance” is going to take some major persuasion. 

I also provide the wedding couple a complimentary, customized keepsake mix after their wedding, so that they can have a musical equivalent of a photo album. 

independent DJ: Not a "Bro"

Unlike some large, expensive, and corny DJ entertainment companies that charge by the hour, I’m independent, reasonably priced, and provide a more personalized service with communication, flexibility, and my unique musical personality. 

And when you book me, you have me for the whole event at no extra costs!

Although I'll play and do most anything for the wedding couple, and try to implement all song requests when they fit, I take a different and classic approach to djing than many modern club or wedding DJs. I usually play the whole song before mixing into the next one, blending them together so they flow into each other without disruption of the beat. I've also never triggered an air horn sample, and intentionally avoid the annoying affectations of wedding and club DJs. Very few people want to hear their DJ poorly scratching a record on top of their favorite song.

Master of ceremonies

I’m very versatile as an emcee and the level of my involvement during the reception is up to you. I can be anything from a Zen DJ with minimal announcements to a lounge singer in a vintage 70s tux dancing within the crowd.

In either mode, I'll play an eclectic mix of music everyone can get down to. Check out my testimonials, I've received rave reviews from many couples and their guests. 

Better than an IPOD

By implementing your music selections into my sets, the service I provide is far beyond premixed playlists on an iPod or a Spotify algorithm. Instead, I create an evolving dynamic mix of music consistent with my philosophy, responding to requests and the vibe of the reception. I play groovy background music for the cocktail hour and dinner, traveling through musical history to the contemporary and back, increasing the tempo and energy until we are ready to dance! 


I provide a full range of professional music and lighting reinforcement for the ceremony and reception, from wireless lapel microphones to kaleidoscopic dance floor lighting, or amplification for musical accompaniment. I have a bachelors degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee School of Music, and I am a trained sound engineer that can provide a variety of high quality sound and lighting reinforcement services for your ceremony and reception.