Rian is a true music lover’s DJ. If you are particular about music—like I am—you’ll appreciate the care and creativity he puts into his work.
— Ian

DJ Rian Souleles lives and DJs regularly at multiple venues and events in Seattle, WA. He has performed at the Timber! Music Festival, NorthWest Psych Fest, Columbia City Theater, City Arts Magazine, and has a residency at Gainsbourg in Greenwood every Monday.  He is available for events in Washington. 

Travel costs are taken into consideration for booking for events in the greater Pacific Northwest, Southern California, or the rest of the world.

I've been a music lover and a musician my entire life, tuning my musical taste just as a professional chef explores the world's cuisine through a whirlwind of sampling delicious street food and five star restaurants. As a DJ, I love playing good music spanning all genres and eras from the familiar to the groove-tinged offbeat and obscure. There is an ineffable quality to timeless music, and, when utilized effectively, is a powerful force that will make your guests commune, have fun, and dance.

I consider myself a scholar and scientist of the music that people love the most: the music that conveys emotion and nostalgia. Every DJ set I perform is a story, a unique soundtrack created for and about that moment. Many listeners feel like I’m reading their minds, and are surprised when they hear their favorite song or one they haven’t heard in years. 

At your venue, I will read the audience and personalize a dynamic and seamless mix of music that reflects the collective identity of the listeners, and creates a soundscape that amplifies the spirit of the room.